2023: We’ve been working with Leanne for a few years now. We’re an untidy family of three adults and we all hoard!

Leanne breezes in and she’s like a whirlwind. She doesn’t judge she just gets on with the jobs in hand.
Over the years, amongst other things, she has helped us clear our wardrobes, organised mountains of paperwork and unpacked and sorted our kitchen and utility room. In fact the whole house has benefited from Leanne’s organisation and de-cluttering skills.

We’ve always found Leanne to be cheerful, friendly and helpful. When she leaves, our home is always a better place to be…until the next time we need her skills!

The Three Sisters, Essex

2021: I had 10 years worth of research, literature and paperwork that I had never managed to sort properly on my own. Leanne was like an office angel, she was kind, patient, easy to work with, and very efficient. Not only did we sort through and organise everything, we systemised it and I was left with new skills in organising that I have used many times since. My head feels less cluttered which has allowed me to better use the resources I had (which I could never find) and start to write which has also previously felt too difficult

Dr Sara Betteridge
Chartered Psychologist

July 2016: I am writing to thank you for all your hard work. You really helped me to get my paperwork organised again.
I highly recommend your services to other people. Leanne was punctual, hardworking and friendly. She offered a balanced mix of
listening and guidance. She worked well both alongside me and autonomously. I plan to work with her again in the near future. I felt I could trust her with my personal documents and sentimental items. She was respectful of my choices and my things.

Thank you again!

May 2015 to present day: My daughter found this very clever young lady on the internet, an interview was arranged, I knew immediately she was right for me. Leanne Bradshaw sorts all my bills, direct debits, puts them in my calendar so I can see when money comes in and out. I can contact her at any time on the iPad. Leanne is like a lifeline for me. She is patient, generous, never gets cross and I would recommend Leanne to anyone who gets in a muddle – like me.

S. Maidstone.

Leanne is the ideal helper being intelligent and willing, tactful and cheerful and very hardworking. In a clearance situation where people need to reduce drastic quantities of things but are generally inclined to hang on to too much, she gives constant encouragement to stiffen the resolve, but is in no way pushy. She will work as required, together with you or on her own, or a mixture of the two. I was delighted to find she is willing to tackle anything, like doing some garden tidying, helping thin down one’s wardrobe, and trudging up and down stairs, including a cellar, to move whatever is needed! She has been totally invaluable also in helping me clear up masses of overdue business items and in making excellent suggestions on how to proceed when some of them are quite complicated, and saved me much time by making routine emails and phone calls on my behalf. Some items needing dealing with have been quite unusual and she has always come up with simple, spot-on ideas when I have been stumped. Now I am going to be hugely dependent on her through the process of moving house. Without Leanne I don’t know how I could have coped at all. I could not recommend anyone more highly.

Mrs G Casebourne-Peters, M.A, (Oxon), Dip.Ed. (Oxen), Dip.R.S. (Soton), Decluttering date 27 July 2015

My clutter problems had been steadily building up over the last 10 years. I had inherited a good deal of it from my mother but it was all stored in the spare bedroom. Then my sister moved in with me and the clutter migrated to my bedroom where it seemed to breed! The situation was complicated by worsening health and lack of mobility. This meant not only did I find it too tiring and painful to do much or for too long, but I couldn’t bend or pick up things. Early this month (July 2015) I decided enough was enough. I found Leanne through Google and reading her website felt at once that she was the right person. This was reinforced when she came to my house for an initial free consultation. She is warm, friendly, and very professional. I felt a lot more hopeful than I had done for a long time.

The Big Day arrived. What can I say? Leanne is amazing. By the end of the day areas of floor that hadn’t seen the light for over four years were free from clutter and immaculate (Leanne cleans as she goes). Clothes were folded and put away. Things I’d thought lost forever were found. Papers were filed or shredded, unwanted items and rubbish removed. Leanne doesn’t pressure you into throwing or giving away stuff, so no one need be nervous on that score. Before Leanne left I booked another session so she can help me go through boxes of papers. This morning I woke up in a clean and tidy room. I’d forgotten how big it was, and it was such a pleasure just to look round. If clutter is getting you down, call in Leanne. You won’t regret it.

Anon, Birchington.

It took some time for me to agree that we needed help with decluttering and organising our home. My usual comment was “when I get time I will start sorting……”. Unfortunately a variety of circumstances outside my control meant that I never had the time or inclination. In April 2015 after another regular discussion about the state of our home I admitted that help was desperately needed. I looked on the internet and was amazed by the number of professional declutterers/organisers there were. I chose LRB Organise and later that night I carefully worded an email to Leanne. She responded in such a friendly and understanding manner the next day. We arranged for her to visit the following Saturday morning. I was extremely nervous however there was no need to feel that way. We told her how we had got to where we were and she told us how she could help us deal with the uncomfortable situation we were living in. She estimated the number of days she would need and 5 dates were booked in our diaries over the next 3 weeks.

A plan of action was agreed and a pattern of working developed over the 5 days. Room by room we looked in every drawer, cupboard, wardrobe, box and bag. I decided what I wanted to keep, what had to be thrown away, what could go to the charity shop or what I wanted to sell. I never felt pushed into anything. Leanne kept the atmosphere calm, she listened to me and was well aware I was finding the whole activity very emotional. She suggested ways to organise our things. 

It always made sense. The appearance of our home totally changed – so much for the better. Over all in working with Leanne I appreciated her competence, her planning/organisational skills, keeping me to task and her empathic approach to decluttering that is not only about moving things but also an emotional journey.

I would thoroughly recommend calling on Leanne for help and support.


Leanne has organised and archived our company projects from the last 10 years. I now have an up to date list of where I can find each file without having the stress of wadding through filing cabinets and boxes!!

With her professional, friendly manner and efficient ability to get the job done, I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Iain Calder
Calder Latif Associates – Consulting Engineers – www.calderlatif.com

I was referred to Leanne by my neighbours when I came out of hospital and needed help with the house. In the past twelve months she has helped me to de-clutter certain areas of my home. Leanne continues to help around the house for me every week. She has a lovely friendly personality and is totally trustworthy, she holds a set of keys so when I’m not around, always has access. I would recommend her services most highly.

Jan Le-Good

Leanne has been cleaning for us for over a year and has always maintained the standard set and arrived on time and changes to visit times have also been arranged well in advance. We would certainly recommend her services.

Martin and Deborah Robinson

“I have known Leanne Bradshaw since July 2019 when she started de-cluttering work for me. I have found her to be extremely efficient and helpful, very reliable with a most pleasant personality. There is a lot more work to be done as she also assists me with help on the internet and the telephone. I have reached the stage when I do not know what I would do without her help.

J. Thickins. Gillingham, Kent